Breslau Smiles Family Dentistry provides general dentistry services for the whole family, including pediatrics.

We love to help children learn proper oral care and help parents with any questions they have about their child’s tooth development.  We see babies as early as six months to monitor their dental growth and avoid problems as they mature.

We help to ensure that children adopt habits for healthy oral care while providing complete dental services for adults.  Our general dentistry services include regular dental exams and cleanings, filling cavities, tooth extraction and many other services offered in a clean and modern facility.  We utilize the latest technological advancements in dentistry to restore your confidence and your smile.

Breslau Smiles Family Dentistry offers the following General Dentistry services to restore and maintain your oral health, self-confidence and beautiful smile.


At Breslau Smiles, composite resin is used for fillings. This product is also called white fillings and are designed to match the natural appearance of your teeth. Composite fillings are often used for restoring decayed teeth, as opposed to silver mercury fillings that tend to darken with time.

Tooth Extraction

There are times, however, when tooth extraction is necessary or unavoidable. Extractions are required for several reasons, most commonly when a natural tooth becomes severely damaged and unrestorable.

Children (Pediatric Dentistry)

Establishing good habits for oral health at an early age is important to maintain healthy teeth and gums into adulthood. Breslau Smile Family Dentistry believes in making the first visit to the dentist fun and enjoyable, establishing a love of oral health in children.

Preventive Care & Hygiene

Did you know recent studies have linked gum disease to heart attack, strokes, diabetes, respiratory disorders and even premature birth? That’s why regular visits to your dentist for checking on existence of cavities, maintaining dental work done.

Root Canal Treatment

During a root canal, the dentist must remove the nerve and pulp and clean the inside of the tooth, sealing it to prevent infection from spreading and causing an abscess.

Nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry is an answer for many people who fear going to the dentist. Nitrous oxide is proven to be very safe and effective at providing temporary relaxation to make dental procedures more comfortable.

Dental Exams & Cleaning

Regular dental exams are the best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Seeing your dentist for regular check-ups is important for oral health and screening for more serious diseases like oral cancer. A typical dental exam will take about an hour as our highly trained hygienists clean and polish your teeth while reviewing recent medical history. After your professional dental cleaning the dentist will meet with you for an examination and to discuss any concerns.

At Breslau Smiles Family Dentistry, we love to help the whole family enjoy a clean, healthy mouth and feel confident with beautiful smiles. We provide experienced general dentistry services including x-rays, procedures and preventive care treatments. We provide additional dentistry services for all ages from infant development and teen orthodontics to adult crowns, implants and dentures.

We help to repair or restore damaged teeth with cosmetic services, provide nitrous oxide sedation services, and offer advanced dental options like Zoom whitening and Invisalign braces.  You will enjoy our clean and modern facility and the friendly service from our staff.  Contact us to make an appointment for a general dental exam and cleaning to maintain oral health and a beautiful smile.

Breslau Smiles Family Dentistry offers experienced dentistry services which promote oral health and a clean mouth and gums. We provide comprehensive dental services in our clean, modern facility utilizing the latest advancements in dental technology.  Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about our general dentistry services.