Sanja is a dental receptionist originally from Zrenjanin, Serbia who moved to Canada when she was a child.  Sanja is fascinated with medical science and learned a love for dentistry as her mother and sister are both dental hygienists. She enjoys assisting patients with scheduling and medical forms and learning as much as she can.

Sanja developed a love for planes, war birds and fighter jets at a young age and learned to fly a Cessna at the age of 15.  In 2013 she completed her Firearms Verifiers Certificate through the RCMP after having shadowed two gunsmiths.  She currently competes in IPSC classic division, spending much of her free time practising or attending matches.  Sanja also enjoys wood restoration projects and is often found in her cozy shop, refinishing wood with the quality control inspection of her two feline fur babies Lemur (3 year old female Siamese) and Loki (6 month old black shorthair).